Products portfolio

Products portfolio

Our activities do not end with bags and backpacks

portfolio výrobků

Over the last 25 years of our existence we have produced a lot. Our wide range of customers – production and trade companies, advertising agencies, insurance companies or state institutions – have had a wide range of demands regarding various products.

Get inspired and look at the portfolio of some of our products. However, you can let your phantasy run free because we can customize and make almost anything.

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Fanny packs and hip packs
Fireman and rescuer collection
Leather products
First aid kits
Tool cases and tool bags
Sleeves and covers for mobile phones or tablets
Suit bags and suit covers
Covers and sleeves for sport equipment
Covers, sleeves and cases for guns
Purses and key pouches
Briefcases and document holders
Sport and travel bags
  • Backpack for... 1811
  • Backpack - sportbag 618
  • Backpack 1796
  • Backpack 1971
  • Backpack 1363
  • Sport backpack 640
  • Backpack 897
  • Backpack 558
  • Backpack for rescuers 514
  • Backpack 531
  • Backpack small 530
  • Backpack small 427
  • Backpack small 412
  • School backpack 1840
  • School backpack 1853
  • Travel bag for firemen 1536
  • Backpack 1978
  • whole portfolio

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