Serial custom manufacturing

Serial custom manufacturing

We design, cut, sew, deliver

We make bags, backpacks, cases…

Our serial textile custom manufacturing features especially sports and travel bags, backpacks, purses, hip bags, various kinds of cases and covers, but not only that. We are very flexible and are able to accommodate most of our clients’ needs. Thanks to that we have a lot of satisfied customers in the Czech Republic as well as in a number of European countries. Contact us and we will be happy to introduce all our products portfolio including samples of carried out orders.

Let your imagination run wild

There are a lot of options regarding the choice of material, colour and additional components. On offer and in stock we have a number of quality technical textiles from 100% polyester and 100% polyamide in grammage of 70 – 490 g/m2. These materials are treated with various kinds of coating and impregnations including water-resistant and inflammable ones. You can choose from tens of colour motives. Besides these materials we also use leather, canvas, sailcloth or cotton.

Have you not chosen anything? We will supply another material for your order. Have you got your own material? We will cut and sew from that.

Fast, well and at a reasonable price

As we have our own modelling department in our Czech workshop, quality technical equipment for cutting and sewing textiles, experienced workers and other professional personnel as well as large stock of materials and components, we can guarantee both high quality products and delivery date.

What's the routine?


We design

Don’t you have your own desired pattern or template? Never mind. We can offer you one of our models, or we can design a model according to your needs.


We select

Together we pick material, colour and other components – buckles, straps etc.  Our offer includes a range of textiles of different colours and characteristics and a lot of components. Most of them we have in stock in sufficient amounts.


We cut

The quality machines which are located directly in our workshop enable us to cut your chosen material into the desired pattern parts fast, with precision and without unnecessary waste.  Some parts are handled and cut manually.


We print

Most of the products can be printed according to your demand with various prints, embroidery or other company signature.


We sew

Our experienced workers in our Czech workshop assemble the cut parts and other components  and finish your product.


We deliver

We deliver your order in the agreed time directly to you. You can rely on the quality of our services, speedy delivery and reasonable prices.

What else you might want to know?

Contact us today

And let us sew everything you need in our workshop in good quality, fast, and at a reasonable price.

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