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We would like to present to you our quality technical textiles with excellent use characteristics. We use these textiles in our serial customed manufacturing and we also sell them as part of our wholesale activity.


Kortexin is 100% polyester with pure non-recycled PVC coating on the backside. Kortexin is distinguished by its top quality, excellent characteristics and use value. Kortexin is our trade mark and we are the sole importer of this material. We offer several kinds of Kortexin which differ in grammage –  240 up to 420 g/m2. The front side of Kortexin is treated with water resistant coating (W/R). There are a lot of colour shades.


It is a 100% polyester textile (PES) with a coating on the back side (PU1, PU2, PVC, softened PVC). Coating materials ensure top use characteristics and extraordinary design of all the products. We offer more kinds of Altajn which differ in the grammge -72 až 420 g/m2. Some types have water- resistant coating on the front side (W/R). We also offer a wide range of colour shades. Altajn is a material aiming at a good quality and price performance, if you wish for top quality and non-recycled PVC coating, then choose Kortexin

Textile for sublimation

100% polyester textile (PES) coated with polyurethane PU1 or PU2. This material is suitable for sublimation print. It can also be treated with water resistant finish.

The material’s grammage is between 200 – 300 g/m2.

TARTEXIN – tarpaulin

It is 100% polyester with both sides PVC coating. Tartexin is our trade mark and we are a sole importer of this material. This material is suitable for welding.

The material’s grammage is 420 g/m2.


It is a 100% polyamide textile (PAD) with coating. Coating materials ensure that all nylon products have excellent use parametres and extraordinary design. We offer several kinds of nylon which differ in grammage (72 – 360 g/m2) and in the type of coating material – for example PVC, softened PVC, plyurethane (PU, PU1, PU2, PU 3000), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Some types of nylon have water resistant finish (W/R). We offer a range of colour shades.


Neoprene sheets with the thickness of 2 – 4 mm with double-sided Jersey 100% polyester textile layer. We also offer a neoprene without the top textile layer and a neoprene suitable for sublimation print.

Materiál Neopren kinetic


Fishnet material from 100% polyester with the grammage of 72 g/m2.

Technical Felt

Made from 100% polyester 5 mm thick and with the grammage of 910 g/m2.

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