Own product sale

Own product sale

We also make products carrying our own trademark Kinetic

We make products with our own Kinetic trademark. In our line of production we specialize in fishing and hunting gear and products for the nature and outdoor enthusiasts.  In the Kinetic assortment you can find fishing rucksacks (suited not only for fishermen), fishing rods covers, mats, rifle and other weapon covers.

Our products advantages are the first-class quality material and manufacturing as well as high utility. Both these qualities have been tried and tested by a number of our satisfied customers using our products during their hunting adventures. Our products are all made in the Czech Republic and we have prolonged their warranty period up to 3 years.

You can view the whole assortment of our fishing, hunting and outdoor equipment through our e-shop RybarinaMyslivost.cz.  Or you can contact us and we can discuss the advantages of our products and recommend the best suited to you. Or we can agree on a business cooperation regarding further sale of our products.

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