Parts cutting

Parts cutting

Fast, precise and without unnecessary waste

We will cut anything for you …

Besides a complex custom manufacturing and wholesale of textiles we also offer cutting services for sheet materials using our modern, precise and fast cutter.

We will deliver ready cut parts exactly according to your needs. We only need paper templates and we shall do the rest. We can cut for you a material purchased in our wholesale store or your own sheet material.

Contact us and we will introduce our cutter and its great advantages to you personally.


Řezání dílců moderním cutterem -

Benefits only

Nechte si nařezat dílce pro svou textilní výrobu u nás. Získáte tím mnoho výhod. Ušetříte si mnoho starostí.


The cut parts are made with perfect precision including the option of precise placement of signs and spikes.


By having parts for your production cut with us, you will save your handling costs, workforce and purchase costs, maintenance and handling machinery costs.


You will avoid costs of discarding the waste generated by handling and other worries.


You don´t wait for the metrage to arrive when handling the material, you receive ready-made parts and you can start the production immediately. We have short delivery times.

What do we cut with?

In our workshop in Drzovice we have a modern, precise and efficient cutter GERBER PARAGON LX.  This American machine is famous for its precision and cutting speed. And it is a real strongman, able to cut materials with the thickness of over 2 cm. Thanks to smart software we even can easily transfer your paper templates into electronic ones and ensure optimum parts layout for the maximum material utility with a minimum waste.

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