Neoprene sheets with the thickness of 2 – 4 mm  with double-sided Jersey 100% polyester textile layer. We also offer a neoprene without the top textile layer and a neoprene suitable for sublimation print.

Materiál Neopren kinetic

Properties of Neopren


564-885 g/m2 (+/-5%)

Dimensions of plates

130 x 210 cm
130 x 330 cm
119 x 190,5 cm

Area of plates

2,73 m2
4,29 m2
2,274 m2

Material card

Colour swatch

  • Neopren black-black
  • Neopren black-blue
  • Neopren black-grey
  • Neopren black-red
  • Neopren black-white
  • Neopren without the top textile layer
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